Havana Rabbit Breeders Association
July  2016
Sweeps Standings Updated
New Webmaster
"the mink of the rabbit family"
WELCOME to the Havana Rabbit Breeders
Association (HRBA) website. If you are a new visitor
you are researching the "mink of the rabbit family."

You will soon discover, as our members have, that
Havanas, in their simplicity, is a fun and challenging
breed. We not only have to master the compact body
type, we have to match the body with a mink-like fur

Havanas are a compact breed weighing between 4
1/2 to 6 1/2 lbs. as seniors. They are known for their
wonderful fur coat, even temperament, and medium
size. There are four recognized varieties shown
above in the order they were accepted---chocolate,
blue, black and broken.  The COD is in progress on
the lilac variety--however that journey has just
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quality Havana stock?
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Display Winners


Black: Deb Morrison
Blue: Angie Finkbeiner
Broken: Deb Morrison
Chocolate: G Joseph Colucci


Black: Kersten Zimmerman
Blue: Elliot Hinkle
Broken: Kersten Zimmerman
Chocolate: Avery Schlickman

Kyle Yacobucci is the new HRBA Webmaster. He can be contacted
through email at: kyleyac@gmail.com

Be sure to support his efforts with your BIS and RIS photos and
Havana news.

Julie will be focusing her time on completing the Havana
Guidebook for distribution at Convention in San Diego.
Deb Morrison pictured with the
judging team who awarded her with
BOB and BOSB at  Havana Nationals.
Congratulations on a show well

BOB: Black Jr. Buck
BOSB: Broken Jr. Doe
Pictured is the Youth BOB Show Winner:
Sr. Black Buck owned by Kesten

Congratulations to all!

Mollie Judd poses with her Youth BOS
National Havana Show winner--Black Jr.
APRIL 16, 2016

Hosted by the Great Lakes Havana Rabbit Breeders

Results are in!
BOB Black Jr. Buck        Deb Morrison
BOSB  Broken Jr. Doe       Deb Morrison

BOB Black Sr. Buck       Kersten Zimmerman
BOSB Black Jr. Doe         Mollie Judd

National Show Results